Lynn Medical been proud to offer the marketplace for over 20 years our exclusive line of AccuSensor electrodes.

As the nation’s leading Cardiology Distributor for over 50 years, we understand electrodes. We researched and partnered with top manufacturers to create our AccuSensor Brand. Over 90% of our electrode sales into cardiology offices and departments of hospitals are from our AccuSensor Line.

You can expect a product that delivers consistent trace quality and is designed to meet or exceed the equipment manufacturer’s specifications. We are continually working with our vendors to keep our product line current to your needs.

Our product line is broad for any monitoring need your facility may have.

Stress Testing Electrodes:

Our ST-50’s and P50’s are our leading stress testing foam wet gel electrode. The Wet gel is superior to the solid gel because it has a faster set up time and results in cleaner traces. Our leading clear tape electrode is our solid gels 630’s and wet gel 690’s and provide excellent results.

Holter Monitoring Electrodes:

Our 510 series of electrodes employ patented lead-locking feature to secure the lead wires and prevent motion artifacts associated with movement of the snap on the pin; they are ideal for ambulatory procedures.

Resting ECG Electrodes:

Our 900 Series of Electrodes is an economical solution offering you the flexibility of size and gel preferences.

We will be happy to send you samples of our private label electrodes so you can experience the high quality product we sell, before making your decision. We can also provide custom packaging, private labeling and kitting tailored to your needs.

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