Simple is better. Simple is smart.

Your busy practice needs simple solutions. Equipment that simply works, every time. Technology that delivers clear, accurate data in simple ways. Intuitive tools that are simple to use. And support you can count on without question.


And smart. The new MAC 2000 from GE Healthcare helps the clinician make a fast and accurate diagnosis with the power of the Marquette 12SL analysis program. It’s the proven diagnostic support you need to help avoid variations in care throughout your healthcare system.

Really, really smart.

Simple is connected.

  • Workflow enhancements with connectivity to EMRs, CS Diagnostic System and the MUSE ECG Management systems
  • Connectivity with LAN, WiFi, serial port, modem, or SD card
  • PDF and XML export capabilities
  • Supports paperless workflow with options for bi-directional communication
  • Internal storage for up to 200 ECGs

Simple is productive.

  • Automatic capture of 10-second ECGs with one-touch operation
  • Easy-to-read 7” color display is configurable to meet your needs
  • Multiple connectivity and export options for easy data access and storage
  • Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program for clinical decision support

Simple is reliable.

  • Proven Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program with measurement and interpretation
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • ACI-TIPI algorithm to assist in identifying the risk of acute cardiac aschemia
  • Gender-specific analysis improves relative sensitivity for detecting inferior Acute Myocadial in women by 28 percent

Simple is supported.

The MAC 2000 makes it simple the moment you open the box. Easy installation won’t disrupt your practice. The familiar, intuitive interface with full keyboard means you and your nursing staff won’t need days of training - more like minutes.

And because we know training needs can change with your team, we offer convenient computer-based training tools for on-demand learning.

Expert GE Healthcare service and support are always just a call away - our extensive network of trained professionals are ready so you don’t have to wait for help. Many issues can even be resolved remotely, keeping downtime to a minimum. It’s another way the MAC 2000 embraces simplicity to give you a hassle-free experience.

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