Delivering expanded ECG expertise at critical moments

MAC 5500 HD offers a comprehensive suite of advanced ECG analysis programs to assist physicians in determining appropriate patient treatment. Combined with multiple data communication options, the MAC 5500 HD helps you capture, analyze and communicate ECG data with greater speed and confidence.


  • Marquette 12SL algorithm enhancements that have been shown to help physicians identify ACS
  • Configurable critical values that help streamline ECG review and speed time to treatment for patients who need it most
  • Combines proven 12SL Analysis with technology advancements to provide one of the most advanced ECG pacemaker detection systems available
  • Barcode and magnetic card readers, MobileLink wireless capabilities and secure digital memory card help link accuracy and speed
  • Networking tools allow you to manage your data more efficiently
  • Simultaneous 15-lead acquisition, storage and assessment offers ST measurements to facilitate prompt detection of right ventricular and posterior MI


  • Diagnostic Confidence - through multiple ECG analysis programs that assist physicians in making appropriate diagnoses and treatment decisions for their patients
  • Scalability - through a system that adapts to your needs and allows you to add exercise testing, with options for communication and ECG analysis, at any time
  • EMR Connectivity - through the GE CS and MUSE Cardiology Information Systems
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