GE Vscan Extend Ultrasound

Vscan Extend - Empowering you in that critical moment

Imaging right here, right now. More powerful than ever.

We know that fast, confident decisions can enhance your productivity and improve patient outcomes. So Vscan Extend builds on the legacy of the original Vscan system to empower you to expedite workflow and make quick assessments and treatment decisions on the spot.

This anytime, anywhere solution offers exceptional clinical flexibility, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and seamless integration with hospitals’ wireless networks and DICOM-based documentation and reporting. With Vscan Extend, the first GE ultrasound system to leverage an app-ecosystem enabled by GE Marketplace, you can enhance your practice by downloading measurements and protocols to customize your device.

Regardless of your specialty, you can rely on Vscan Extend to help accelerate speed to decision, boost your confidence, and build trust with patients - so you’re empowered to make the most of that critical moment.

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