SCHILLER’s DIAGNOSTIC STATION DS20 simplifies your daily work:

  • Most vital signs and physical assessment tools united in one device
  • Large, interactive touch screen
  • Intuitive guidance and ease of use

Fast and easy to use

The DS20 immediately detects connected sensors and automatically displays the corresponding value. This fast operation allows for easy addition or removal of parameters. Thanks to its intuitive user guidance, SCHILLER’s DS20 is self-explanatory and very little training is needed. The large interactive touch screen supports the highest user-friendliness.

One touch to the measurement

Simply touch the large, high-resolution color display and you are in business recording, and selecting the highest quality ECGs.

  1. Perform
  2. Review
  3. Store or export wherever you want


The DIAGNOSTIC STATION DS20 is a networked device. Seamless connectivity to EMR, PACS, HIS or SCHILLER’S SEMA3 Cardiology Information System is possible and bidirectional communication allows for easy data access, while Wi-Fi with strong security enables direct and fast transmission.


Easily add new functions and other devices or future technological developments. The DS20 is ready for the most common functions and will satisfy new requirements as they arise in your institution.


  • Vital signs and ECG all in one device, with integrated final report
  • Self-explanatory user interface: very little training is needed
  • Large interactive touch screen for maximum user-friendliness

CLICK HERE to view a short video demonstration of the Schiller DS20 Diagnostic Station

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