Burdick Resting ECGs

Intuitive diagnostic ECG solutions that improve workflow.

We take pride in offering a range of innovative solutions for diagnostic ECG acquisition across physician practices of all sizes. Burdick’s resting ECG products are durable, reliable, and intuitive for clinicians to operate. High-quality results, ease-of-use and streamlined workflow are what make Burdick brand most trusted by physicians.

Featured Products:

  • CareCenter MD™- the CareCenter MD is a wireless, PC-based electrocardiograph with seamless EHR connectivity. With 7 different modalities, and features like intuitive one button navigation, and scalable design the CareCenter MD is an adaptable device that can increase efficiency and improve workflow.
  • ELI 250c- the ELI250c resting electrocardiograph is a portable, compact, and lightweight device that offers comprehensive functionality all-in-one. It can gather 12-lead data wirelessly and transfer that data easily to the location of your choice, eliminating the need for a tethered cable making patients more comfortable.
  • ELI 280- with a 10” high-resolution color display and touchscreen capability, the ELI 280 resting electrocardiograph can present all 12 leads of data simultaneously. The wireless system eliminates the need for tethered cables making patients more comfortable. The ELI 280 system can be easily integrated into any data management system and practice to increase efficiency and optimize workflow.

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