Sony Medical is the industry leader in Medical Imaging and Recording.

Lynn Medical has chosen to partner exclusively with Sony for over 30 years. We are a master distributor for Sony Media and can pass along to you very competitive pricing.

Our Sales Consultants are trained in medical imaging and can assist you in choosing the right products for your facilities needs to include:

  • Printers and Imagers
  • Digital Recorders
  • Video Equipment
  • Monitors & Displays
  • Storage Media - Black/White & Color

Why Use Sony Media?

If you’re not using Sony brand print media for your ultrasound images, you’re at risk of damaging the thermal heads on your Sony printers, delivering inferior images, and potentially voiding your warranty. Sony print media is specifically designed to work with Sony printers, so when used together you get the best of both. Here are some benefits of using Sony Medical Print Media vs. non-Sony branded Medical Print Media:

  • Printed images last years longer without fading
  • Higher gloss, smudge-free finish
  • Higher humidity, water and heat resistance
  • Manufactured by Sony for Sony printers
  • Durable paper quality facilitates smooth tearing.

We understand this is an important tool in diagnosing and monitoring your patients.

Has your equipment reached the end of its life cycle? Let us provide a quote on updating your office.

Do you already have the equipment you need, let us quote you on the Media you are buying? We have it all, CDR, DVD, Optical Media, Video Imaging Film in B/W and Color Print Packs.

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